Custom home construction includes the joint effort of many professionals, from electricians and flooring experts to landscapers and structural engineers. With so many moving pieces, a construction manager is there to oversee that the work is moving along on time and on budget. A residential construction manager essentially acts as the homeowner’s representative. They look out for their best interest to ensure that their custom home construction experience is a generally positive one.
Residential Construction Manager

Residential Construction Manager

What does a residential construction manager do?

Residential construction managers budget, organize and supervise the custom home project from start to finish. Individuals in this field often gain work experience in a construction role and have had a hand in the process of custom home building.

Typical responsibilities of a construction manager include:

  • Evaluate and finalize plans
  • Negotiate terms with subcontractors
  • Schedule projects and monitor progress
  • Manage employees
  • Secure permits and inspections
  • Review and approve change order requests
  • Negotiate costs and review bills
  • Order materials
  • Inspect deliveries
  • Ensure safe work conditions
  • Pay contractors on time
  • Track work quality

What are the benefits of hiring a construction manager?

Residential construction managers know the industry inside and out. They have extensive knowledge of audit work and ensure quality, thereby minimizing the chance of poor workmanship. This helps keep the project on budget and can even reduce the overall cost by using resources efficiently and making economical choices. Experienced construction managers have also maintained good connections with different contractors in the industry and can recommend a team that will deliver quality work. They become the main point of contact for homeowners for regular updates on project completion.

What to look for in a residential construction manager

Given the complexities of custom home construction, residential construction managers must be excellent at multi-tasking and be well-organized. A high level of communication is also required; a good manager is clear, honest, and consistent. When looking to hire a residential construction manager, take into consideration their experience in the field. Most construction managers began as contractors. A manager who is familiar with hands-on construction exhibits a balanced approach of business skill and home building experience.

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