There is something timeless and beautiful about a quality log home. A log home showcase the warmth and cozy ambience similar to the feeling of a wholesome Christmas movie. It’s the priceless memories made during summers at the cabin, gathered around a bonfire during sunset. Whether you’re planning to build a log home in Alberta as a seasonal lodge or as your permanent residence, here are a few important factors to go over with your custom log home builder.
Building custom log homes in Alberta and Edmonton

Building custom log homes

Energy efficiency

If it’s a custom log home you’re after specifically, be sure to hire a company specializing in the construction of log homes. Wood’s thermal mass maintains comfortable temperatures all year round, keeping warm air in during cold winter months and cool air in during the summer.  Expert home builders in Edmonton build custom log homes that are properly sealed and meet energy standards. On the other hand, lack of industry knowledge, poor construction, and inadequate material can affect your home’s energy efficiency. 

Construction costs

A handcrafted log home tends to be more expensive to construct when compared to a stick-frame house. While the final cost depends on the size of the home, construction type, and materials used, a custom home builder can help you reduce costs with a few expert tweaks and recommendations. You can have the log home of your dreams without compromising quality or ruling out your needs.

Maintenance and material

A common misconception about log homes is that maintenance is complicated, time-consuming, and the material comes with the risk of termites. However, this is not the case. We’ve come a long way in log home construction and have found sustainable solutions to problems that were common 100 years ago. While the maintenance and material used in a log home are different than that of a standard house, you can prepare for this ahead of time with proper planning. A log home specialist has the knowledge to include elements that reduce maintenance costs, including large overhangs and a quality finish.  If a custom log home is your dream, plan ahead and hire the expertise of a custom log home builder in Alberta. A quality build stands the test of time while a state-of-the-art design and innovation solve the issues commonly associated with building and constructing a log home.   

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