Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

A Hybrid Home structure is created when 2, 3 , or even all four of the wood frame structure are combined to make up your home. This is often done to keep the costs more in line with your budget in stick frame or post & beam home, with just a few hybrid structural timber frame (or non-structural “trimber frame”), or log details to add to the inside or outside aesthetics of your home.

A hybrid home is built to have the look of both traditional and modern.

Do you like to mix up different designs and architectural styles? A hybrid home is right for you! It encompasses a variety of materials and building types to gives you an incredible, blended look normally found in one of the other 4 wood frame structural types.

Generally, the hybrid structure type is used to incorporate the desired look of a timber frame or log feature into your home without the full cost of going to that full structure throughout the whole home.

A mix of materials allows you to build a home that will last and look exactly as you desire while keeping the goals of your overall cost achievable.

This means that you can have an exposed beam aesthetic within your cabin, while enjoying a log-cabin style siding on the outside.

Accent your home with different types of textures and features using a variety of building products for every corner of your new space. You can enjoy the freedom of an open-concept architectural style normally found in a post and beam style but without the budget that’s normally attached to it. And if you would like to have strong, dark metal work “fixing” beams together without the pressure of the pieces being relied on for the stability of the cabins design. Freedom of expression truly comes from a hybrid home.

Reach out to us today to discuss the perfect look for your new acreage cabin or cottage!

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