Timber Frame Custom Homes

Traditional Timber Frame construction feature large solid Douglas Fir, Cedar, or Pine Beams, Purlin floor support and rafters systems, and exposed Timber Frame Bents, Trusses and/or Collar Ties generally running perpendicular to your vaulted roof sections.

We are known for our timber frame homes and cottage builds because they are versatile and cost-effective.

A timber frame home uses studs and rails with a structural sheathing board so that the load of the house is supported by the foundation. Timber frame homes can be constructed to create the look and feel of a historic cabin or cottage exuding warmth and comfort or express the look of a modern build perfect for encapsulating stunning mountain vistas.

The physical and technical properties of timber can morph into whatever type of design you desire, with simple modern, or historic looking carved exposed heavy beams, floor & ceiling purlin systems and ceiling heavy timber trusses.

A variety of wood types can be used including Douglas Fir, Cedar or Pine. Both exposed metal plate or hidden mortise and tenon joinery connections can be utilized to best suit your design aesthetic. It is these stunning exposed wood features and structures that create the homes many of our customers dream of.

Timber Frame Custom Homes Gallery