Stick Frame Cottages

Traditional or customized stick frame cottages and cabins built for you, with you, or by you.

A stick frame cottage build is one of the most popular build types and considered the most cost-effective.

Our stick frame cottages (or homes or cabins) can be customized to match your favourite style of house. Stick frames are the “go-to” style of house building and it is the kind you will often see in rural areas. Because of their popularity, this is often the most cost-effective cottage you could choose.

The popularity of this style of home means that you can add features that you would normally only see in other styles of homes. Log railings, timber beams and even log siding options are available for your future custom cabin in the mountains. Exposed timber is also a very popular choice as these features add to the sense of nature that you would often have in the remote locations such as ski-hills, golf courses and the mountains that often surround our builds.

The stick frame style also allows you to build it yourself or with your own team. Since many home inspectors have plenty of experience with this sort of building, they understand the intricacies of the building and will be able to offer you guidance and approval quite easily.

We have prefabricated cabins available in standard or with custom changes that our architects and engineers can put together for you too. Design your cabin with us and we will deliver every piece you need to build with the team of your choice. Or, allow us to help you by being one of the many customers that let us build the cottage to “lock-up” and complete the rest yourself.

A stick frame build is perfect for a custom-built home because it leaves room for complete creation as it is all constructed on-site. These cottage get-away homes come with the flexibility to make changes and modify the interior rooms easily if requested.

Contact us today and find out how easy it is to have the stick-frame cabin home of your dreams built anywhere in British Columbia or Alberta.

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