Post & Beam Cabins

Post and beam acreages and cabins can be designed by our architects and with our house plans to fit your land, and shipped where you like.

Are you seeking a home that has an open concept with exposed beams?

If so, you are likely going to want a cabin constructed with post and beams.

Post and beam construction makes for incredible looking cabins, kitchens garages, sheds and more.

This type of build uses heavy timber and glue-laminated structure beams to create open and expansive living spaces.

Post and Beam Designs

It’s common to have ornamental black wooden ties which book-end the long and healthy beams within the home. These areas that connect two or more beams which can be joined at a 90 degree angle, or as an A-Frame connection located at the peak of the cabins ceiling. These joints are often finished during the construction process with either heavy exposed metal support brackets (mentioned above) or with hidden mortise and tenon connections such as the the “T-Rex Connector System”, used to hide any semblance of additional metals and resources used to keep the wood together. The decision is quite easy once you’ve chosen preferred aesthetic for your home, but we have samples both digitally and in our portfolio which can show you how the two styles look and feel.

Post and beam construction can give you more freedom when it comes to designing your cabin or home. This freedom in designing the home comes from the fact that the walls aren’t supporting the structure of the home (the frame is). This means that you don’t need many walls in the cabin. You have the option to open up the home into an “open concept” and use the posts and beams as a sort of boarder to each room. This gives you the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of the large timber pieces in the home and connect that to the beauty of the acreage around the home.

Post and Beam Construction Kits

Sometimes you just want to do it yourself. And we have plans that support your endeavour. We will work with you to design the home or cabin of your dreams and we can ship each piece to whichever location you choose. This option is known as ordering a “kit” and we will guarantee that every piece you need for the home can be sent to you. Think of it like a partially prefabricated home that you get to design and build yourself. We will help you with the documentation necessary for permits in Alberta and British Columbia builds because we know and understand the different building and construction codes in city and municipality from Red Deer to the Okanagan Valley and more. If that sounds like it might be a bit too much to chew on, then we can build some of it for you and hand you over the keys to finish it yourself.

Is post and beam construction more expensive?

Post and beam construction can cost up to 25% more than a standard stick built home. So, one of the larger determining factors in choosing your cabins style will come from the appreciation of the craftsmanship versus cost (or what you are willing to spend). The items that tend to increase the cost of a post and beam build often come down to…

  1. The quality of the wood used for the timber frame.
  2. Superior insulation used for exterior walls.
  3. The increase in window surface area used throughout the home.

But, the home will be much more efficient for heating and cooling than a traditional stud wall or a metal-framed structure.

How long to post and beam cabins last?

Post and Beam construction has been used for many years proving that it really can withstand the test of time. The home will be indistinguishable in service and lifespan to traditionally constructed homes. Even if some of your posts are deep into the ground, as long as there is proper drainage, you can expect the wood to last as long as a concrete basement wall which is 40-60 years. This means that you can achieve a completely modern look or historical country chalet style home using this type of build as well!

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