Custom Log Homes

Log Homes can be solid round, square, “D” or Double “D” log structures both inside and out, just the perimeter structure of the home, or timber frame style log structure … but in all Log Homes, it is the log that is the main structural members to the home.

Custom log homes are built to make you feel as though you are a part of the earth’s organic surroundings and this is easily achieved when natural products are used!

Add a little bit of your personality to your log-built home by picking the logs yourself! Logs are seasoned and air-dried to control shrinkage of this natural material…

Expressing uniqueness within your new house will allow you to make it a home.

Choose whether you desire your log home to be constructed from solid round, square, “D” or Double “D” logs. You may want the exposed wood on the outside of the structure only or the same look throughout the interior as well. Either way, a log home lets you enjoy the natural beauty and insulation of wood, and it’s truly a customized home that will exceed your desires!

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