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Build The Perfect Lake Front Home

Lakefront home with quality design aesthetics

The design of a lakefront home is very specific, often depending on your lot. The knowledgeable team at Timber Ridge Homes can create design features that accommodate the location of your home while fulfilling your vision.

There are many factors to consider when designing a lakefront home, including the main feature that faces the water, a sloped lot, and a walkout basement. We offer our expertise in creating a true lakefront experience that compliments your lifestyle.

The design process of your lake house

We work with you to create a custom lakefront home that is both stunning and functional with open concepts, expansive spaces, and large banks of windows to highlight major amenities. We consider the placement of major rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and master bedroom that can lead to a patio or deck facing a beautiful view of the lake.

There are a few lifestyle factors to take into account that can often be overlooked when designing a custom lakefront home, including an outdoor shower and easy access to the bathroom. Our knowledgable team also identifies key areas and provides a solution to aspects such as sewage systems, water, infrastructure, and power lines that go beyond the design of your home.

No matter your taste or preference, we can create your dream home that is conducive to your lifestyle.

Our motive is to make your dream home a reality, your way, on your lot.

From Start To Finish

We work with you right from the design process all the way to the full construction of your custom lakefront home to make sure that your vision is realized, down to the smallest details.

While most custom home builders use standard blueprints and floor plans, we offer a unique 3D visualization of your space that showcases colours, textures, and materials. This allows our clients to address any concerns and make design changes before coming to a final decision.

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Choose from our luxurious home designs and floor plans that will inspire you to start your dream home project. Or, let us help you design your perfect dream home piece by piece.

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