Custom Home Services

Some people want to create a one of a kind home, cabin or cottage to match a unique piece of property they have invested in. You may look to our existing designs and to the Linwood Design Library for inspiration and make any changes you want to develop your concept for your ideal residence. Alternatively our design team can work with you or your architect to bring your own specific design dream to life.

We specialize in helping you through the design process to create a masterpiece that is designed to take full advantage of the features of your property. You can choose a post and beam, timber-frame, log or conventional structural framework. This enables you to build a home of strength and quality, but gives you the opportunity to develop a design that meets your requirements for open living spaces, cathedral ceilings and striking expanses of windows.

Timber Ridge Homes has a team of consultants and designers that can help you create the home of your dreams. We are also experienced in working with architects in taking the concept to blueprints and then supplying all of the resources required to build the home. We can even generate a digital 3D model of your home so you can make real design decisions before you start to build.

At Timber Ridge Homes, it is our first priority to make sure you get your dream home, your way, on your lot. Talk to one of our sales professionals to get a full overview of our custom home services to help you create your dream home, cabin or cottage